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Overview of our stone installation services:

  • Kitchen countertops

  • Bathroom countertops

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Jacuzzi, spa, and tub decks

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Bar tops

  • Utility and laundry room tops

  • Fireplace surrounds and hearths

  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks

  •  TEMPLATING: Our technicians will arrive at the job site to take accurate measurements of the areas receiving stone treatment. Before the template trip is made, certain requirements must be satisfied.  











  • FABRICATION: During the fabrication process, our experienced cutting specialists are required to make decisions about where to place any necessary seams. Our technicians are instructed to keep these seams to a minimum while maximizing the use of the slab. We will also work to align the veining at the seams in order to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing placement. You can be present during the layout of your templates/measurements on the slabs in order to better understand the process and see exactly what you will be receiving at installation. Our technicians must be highly skilled in order to cut, fabricate, install and align these pieces into your home.   After the granite has    been cut to the appropriate size, it is then “finished.” Finishing includes shaping and polishing the edge detail as well as sink and stove cutouts, etc.  


  • INSTALLATION: Our installers will arrive at the job site as early as possible. This may fluctuate based on the day's activities as well as location and drive time required. Installation normally takes one day, but larger jobs may require additional time to complete. Our installers are artists. They must install stone that is difficult to manipulate and create a piece that is visually stunning. We strive to be diplomatic and pleasant when installing your chosen stone.


         The installation area should be free of construction materials and un-installed appliances. This allows our crew to

         come in and immediately go to work. The job site should have water and electricity available to our technicians.

         Rip out of existing tops is a service we offer at an additional charge, We are not licensed to work on plumbing or

         do electrical work.


        When your stone has been installed and cleaned, we will apply a sealer to the surface of your new tops. Installation is

        now complete. Before our technicians leave the job site, they will be certain that the work area is as clean as

        when they arrived.


         We want to be certain you or your client is satisfied. Please make a final inspection of the job. Final payment is due

         upon the completion of the installation.

What To Expect:

beautiful kitchen and stones


followed for thorough installation

kitchen stones

CABINET PLACEMENT AND FASTENING: The cabinets must be set and fastened into their permanent location at the time of template.   The cabinets must be straight and level with one another.


SINKS: If you choose an undermount sink to be installed with your new tops, the sink should be at the job site for the template appointment. Our technicians will then bring the sink back to our shop. Cabinet adjustments should be made prior to installation should the sinks size require it. If you have chosen a farmer style sink, the cradle or support system should be complete, and the sink placed where it will be for final install. If you have a drop-in style sink, the sink should be on the job site at template in order to be certain that it will fit appropriately at install.


COOKTOPS: If you have chosen a drop in style cooktop, it is important that the cooktop is on site when our template professional is taking measurements in order to be certain of its fitment. This is especially important if there is a pop-up style downdraft as there are specific tolerances that will need to be met in order to insure proper function.